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How are Solar Road Studs lights powered?


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The basic requirements of solar Road Studs light battery components:
1. Road Studs battery components can provide sufficient mechanical strength, so that the battery components can withstand the stress caused by shock and shock during transportation, installation and use, and can withstand the impact of hail.

2. Road Studs have good sealing performance, can prevent wind and rain, and isolate the erosion of solar cells under the condition of atmosphere.
3. It has good electrical insulation performance.
4. Road Studs has a strong ability to resist ultraviolet radiation.

5. The working voltage and output power can be designed according to different requirements, and various wiring methods can be provided to meet the requirements of different voltage, current and power output.
6. The efficiency loss caused by the series and parallel combination of solar cells is small.
7. The connection between solar cells is reliable.

8. The solar Road Studs light has a long working life, requiring the battery components to be used for more than 20 years under natural conditions.
9. On the condition of meeting the above conditions, the packaging cost of solar Road Studs light battery components should be reduced as much as possible.