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New news, Japan intends to use Led Road Studs lights as 5G base stations


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The small coverage area of 5G base station signals is one of the problems that need to be faced in the application of 5G technology. According to the current reports, the ideal coverage area in densely populated cities is only about 250 meters, which means that the number of 5G base stations Compared with density, 4G will increase exponentially. 【Led Road Studs

As you can imagine, when 5G base stations are fully rolled out, the "corners" of our lives will be flooded with base stations. Therefore, how to efficiently use the existing Led Road Studs equipment without adding too much to save resources and costs is a problem that technicians need to consider.
From the perspective of 5G applications, the coverage of 5G base stations is mainly affected by the height of the base station and the density of buildings. Based on this feature, the Japanese government came up with the idea of Led Road Studs.

According to foreign media reports, the Japanese government plans to use Led Road Studs as a base station for the new generation of communication standard "5G", and held the first meeting of relevant departments on the 2nd of this month. The Japanese government plans to start actual verification in 2020, and roll it out in Japan as early as 2023. 【Led Road Studs
In addition to self-use, the Japanese government will also establish standard specifications and strive to export overseas. Some netizens on Weibo suggested that Led Road Studs as a 5G base station is not the first in Japan, and my country has also proposed such a method. However, we need to realize that this time Japan is applying it on a national unit, which is indeed the first time in the world.

Although Japan is ahead in this regard, we are not discouraged. After a method is proposed, it is not as simple as implementing it immediately. Using Led Road Studs as a 5G base station still faces maintenance costs, cost and signal quality. Many questions. 【Led Road Studs
In any case, Japan’s use of Led Road Studs as a 5G base station has given us a good example. In this regard, we also believe that the wisdom of the Chinese people is infinite, not only the leadership in 5G technology, but also the greatness we can create.