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The basics of Solar Studs are very important


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Solar Studs are charged by solar energy, and automatically emit light at night and when there is insufficient light in rainy and foggy weather, so as to guide the vehicle well.
The correct driving direction can effectively guarantee traffic safety. Solar Studs products are easy to install, require no laying of wires and effectively save energy.

Traditional Solar Studs have defects such as poor quality, not being able to withstand rolling, easy to get old, poor warning effect, and inconspicuous warning effect.
The Solar Studs energy storage device has a rechargeable battery of 800mAh, which can work continuously for about 24 hours after charging for one day.
It works for about 100 hours when fully charged, and the battery life is 3-5 years. The display mode is flashing 168 times per minute or always on.

Display color white, yellow, red, green, blue optional. Display device 1/2/3 pieces/side, 5MM super bright LED, single or double side optional. The viewing distance is more than 500m, the working environment is -20℃~+70℃, the overall size is 102×82×20mm, and the waterproof level is IP68.

Solar Studs are suitable for installation in:
1. There are more than four lanes back and forth, but there is no isolation belt in the middle and the road section with insufficient light at night;
2. Vehicle diversion (around the triangular horizontal line);
3. Crossroads/zebra crossings (reminder to slow down);
4. railway ramp;
5. sharp curves on the road;
6. Toll booth lane line;
7. Foggy areas (seaside, airport road);
8. Accident-prone areas;
9. Expressways and roads without street lights;
10. Urban sidewalks, park paths, etc. need to beautify the night scene and other areas and roads;
11. Positions of guiding lines at the entrance and exit of elevated and tunnels.