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Solar Road Studs detailed, how much do you know?

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1) Solar Road Studs is limited by the clearance of the tunnel, so the layout is mainly graphic.
2) The brightness of the electro-optic sign is greater than 15-300cd/m2.
3) The box body is made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as galvanized steel and aluminum alloy materials, and the protection level is not less than IP65. Tubes, made in the form of light boxes, are the earliest electro-optical signs.

Detailed features of Solar Road Studs:
(1) Thin body and light weight.
(2) The brightness decays slowly.
(3) Combination of active and passive lighting. the
Solar Road Studs are thin and light for easy installation.
The space in the tunnel is limited, and it is inconvenient to use bulky brackets. It is required that the electro-optic signs should be thin, light and easy to hang. The development and application of the new LED Solar Road Studs technology just solved this problem.

LED Solar Road Studs lights are also called light-emitting diodes. Compared with other light sources, a single low-power LED consumes very little power and has high photoelectric conversion efficiency. LED Solar Road Studs lights come in many colors from blue to red, and there is also a special color of white, our electro-optic signs mainly use white LED arrays.
Solar Road Studs new light source is mainly composed of LED, light guide plate, optical film, frame and so on. It has the characteristics of high brightness, long life and uniform light emission.
According to the position of the light source, it can be divided into side-light type and direct-light type (bottom backlight type). The LED edge light type is mainly used in the tunnel electro-optic sign.

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of Solar Road Studs:
Edge-lit type: A light source made by setting LEDs on the side of a specially designed light guide plate. According to the needs of actual use, it can also be made into a double-sided type, or even a three-sided type. Edge-lit backlights can generally be made very thin.
The function of the Solar Road Studs light guide plate is to guide the scattering direction of light, which is used to improve the brightness of the panel and ensure the uniformity of the panel brightness. The quality of the light guide plate has a great influence on the backlight plate. The design and production is one of the key technologies. Regardless of the thickness of the light guide plate of the bracket, which is 2-3mm, the thickness of the electro-optic sign plus the bracket, reflective film, and mask is made into a finished product, and the thickness is about 10MM.