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Application and Standardization of LED Road Studs Lamp


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LED Road Studs light intensity and viewing angle performance:
The intensity and viewing angle performance of Road Studs red light are the standards strictly controlled by the state in the application process of signal lights. In particular, there are clear regulations on the light intensity of Road Studs red signal, but there are no specific regulations on the light intensity of yellow and green signals. According to GB14887-2003, the national road traffic signal light standard of the People's Republic of China, if the red signal can meet the specified light intensity requirements, then the yellow Road Studs light and the green signal light can meet the requirements. At present, the light intensity of domestic LED Road Studs lamps can mostly meet the requirements set by the state, and some of them may be due to the serious light pollution in cities, the continuous expansion of roads or some external factors. Compared with the light intensity index designed by the country, it is low and not comprehensive.

Road Studs economy:
The signal light source currently used in many cities in our country is incandescent lamp, but in the process of using incandescent lamp, the luminous efficiency is low, and the service life is short, and the maintenance cost is high, which is the shortcoming of incandescent lamp. The actual light output effect of incandescent lamps increases and attenuates during use, while LED Road Studs lamps have high brightness, pure color, and are maintenance-free during use. Compared with the two, the advantages of LED signal lamps are more prominent. Although there are also many institutions that conduct corresponding comparative experiments on the energy consumption of the light source, after the overall comparison, it is finally found that the use effect of LED Road Studs is relatively good, and it also saves energy.

Application conclusion:
Through the analysis of the feasibility of the application of led Road Studs lights, the author found that LED signal lights have strong brightness and pure color, and at the same time, the cost of maintenance and maintenance is relatively low, which has good practical value. Under the circumstances, the application of LED signal lights can further reduce the energy consumption of signal lights, while improving the level of traffic safety, which is worthy of further promotion.

This article discusses the application and standardization of LED Road Studs lights. During the overall analysis process, it introduces the use characteristics of LEDs and the special effects of light sources in detail, and discusses them carefully. It also compares this light source with other light sources in detail. Compared with other light sources, this member has the advantages of less energy saving and a wide range of applications. It is hoped that through the careful analysis of this article, it can effectively guarantee the traffic safety in our country. Provide a certain theoretical knowledge base.