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The difference between LED Solar Road Studs lights and traditional light source signal lights (1)

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The most commonly used light sources in traditional light source Solar Road Studs lamps are incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. For example, the technical indicators in my country's signal lamp standard GB14887-94 and Australian standard AS2144 are mainly for incandescent light sources. The BS505 standard used was developed for halogen lamps.

①The advantages of incandescent lamps and halogen lamps are cheap price, simple circuit, and the disadvantage is low light efficiency, reaching a certain level of light output
Ping needs more power, such as incandescent signal lights usually use 220v, 100w bulbs, while halogen lamps usually use 12v, 100w
50w bulb.

LED Solar Road Studs lamps have a narrow-band radiation spectrum, good monochromaticity, no need for filters, and the light emitted by the light source can basically be used, while the traditional light source Solar Road Studs lamps need to use filters to obtain the required color , so that the utilization rate of light is greatly reduced, so in the end the overall signal light intensity of the Solar Road Studs light is not high. However, the traditional light source of the Solar Road Studs lamp, which uses a color film and a reflector cup as the optical system, will give people the illusion that the reflection of external interference light (such as sunlight or car lights) will mistake the signal light that is not working as a working state. That is, "false display", which may lead to accidents.

③Incandescent lamps and halogen lamps have a short service life, and they are troublesome to replace bulbs, requiring a large amount of money for maintenance.