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The importance of safety Solar Studs lights in rainy, foggy and traffic conditions, take you to understand the details

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The safety Solar Studs light is a kind of safety warning light, which is mainly installed on both sides of the highway in rainy and foggy conditions. It has synchronous flashing and anti-rear collision warning functions. It can automatically switch working modes with weather monitoring instruments. The safe Solar Studs light uses solar panels to charge the battery, no external power supply is required, and the light-emitting unit uses high-brightness and high-penetration yellow LEDs from Taiwan Epistar chips. The flashing mode and battery charge and discharge protection are controlled by a high-performance microcomputer controller with stable performance.

In the safety Solar Studs light system, the road outline strengthening mode is in the guidance system, and the yellow guidance light of the guidance device should be able to display a constant light state. The driving active mode is in the induction system. The light-emitting display component of the induction device should be able to prompt the safe distance between the front and rear vehicles through the change of working status; when a vehicle passes the induction device, it can trigger the red warning light of a specific group of induction devices upstream to light up. A red trail is formed to indicate that there is a vehicle in front of the rear vehicle and the safe driving distance between the front and rear following vehicles. At this time, the yellow induction lights of other induction devices should flash synchronously. Migrates in sync with vehicle dynamics.

Safety Solar Studs lights are very important in our daily traffic. Safety Solar Studs lights are used in rainy and foggy weather. Vehicles on the road in places with heavy fog cannot see the outline of the road surface, traffic vehicles, etc., which will affect the normal driving of drivers. Driving, traffic accidents are prone to occur on rainy and foggy roads, and safety Solar Studs lights can reduce or even avoid traffic accidents in such situations.

Nowadays, our weather is changing and diverse, nature is powerful and cannot be changed, and the power of nature is even more irresistible, and it often brings many catastrophic problems, although we cannot resist such power, But we can use our wisdom to reduce the probability of problematic accidents, so the safety Solar Studs lights of Henan Hoan Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. are a very intelligent product of our traffic lights.