Traffic Light HA-TL-M

The solar mobile signal light is simple and user-friendly, with its own power indicator, and the battery power is clear at a glance. The square head slim body and can be compatible with independent control of two phases at most. The lifting hinge plate has a self-locking function, and the up and down process is highly safe.
Protection class: IP66
Certificate: CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2015
Warranty: 3 years
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Product Introduction
Solar mobile traffic signal lights, the maximum distance is 200 meters, easy to install and use; it can solve the temporary construction without traffic construction sections, the product adopts 2 sets of 200mm red, yellow and green signal lights, 2 pieces 30W solar panels, 2 pieces 65Ah batteries, movable 1 set of carts, traffic lights can be configured according to requirements, conventional traffic lights or high-power signal lights, the types of lights can be configured with full ball lights, arrow lights, pedestrian lights, etc. According to the needs of your construction site, the product design is attractive and practical, easy to operat.
Product Advantages
Sheet metal shell, using high temperature electrostatic powder coating process, long service life.
High-brightness Taiwan Epistar LED, low loss, uniform brightness, long life, 85% energy saving than traditional light sources.
Long battery life, 20-year design life of solar panels.
Simple installation, easy maintenance, lift hinge.
The viewing angle is greater than 60 degrees.
Product Parameters
Voltage: 110-230V;10-24V
Size: 100/200/ 300/400mm or customized
Shell material: ABS+PC
Product Composition: Wick +PC shell + shading plate + bracket + screw + packing box
Product Install
Removing the light plate: turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to disengage the light plate from the buckle, and then turn the light plate counterclockwise to remove it.
Connect the signal line (vertical): put the removed lamp panel, and connect the signal line correspondingly as shown in the figure.
Put back the light panel:Put the light plate back into the reserved hole of the light box, and then rotate the light plate clockwise.
Install the sun hat:Roll the sun hat into a circle, then align it with the positioning card slot and put it into the reserved card slot of the light box to fasten it.