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Real-life applications of high-power Solar Road Studs

Hoan Youtube Video - Mass production of 【IL300 Road Studs】

After using Solar Road Studs in a large area, the time difference between startup and shutdown is very small, thus better overcoming various disadvantages of traditional Solar Road Studs due to the large startup time difference.
According to the novelty search by the Shanghai Science and Technology Novelty Consultation Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "Ruichen Photoelectric Solar Road Studs Light" has its own characteristics in high power, automatic adjustment of lighting brightness and battery series charging method. The overall level is domestically leading and has reached international similar products. advanced level. Tested by Shanghai Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, all technical indicators of this product are in line with relevant national standards. This product has applied for national invention patents and utility model patents, and has been identified as a high-tech achievement transformation project by the Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Service Center (Project No.: 20230051).

"Ruichen Photoelectric Solar Road Studs Light" is not only suitable for areas rich in solar energy resources, but also for areas rich in solar energy resources and available areas of solar energy. In these areas, it can be used not only for the lighting of urban residential quarters, high-end residential areas, garden villas, public green spaces, city squares, and roads, but also for household lighting and ambient lighting in remote villages where conventional energy is scarce and it is difficult to generate electricity with conventional energy. It has good cost performance and is highly competitive in the market.

Solar Road Studs lights are powered independently, no need to embed power lines, and are environmentally friendly and beautiful. Solar Road Studs are easy to install and can avoid damage to vegetation when laying cables. Island, highway and other lighting. The system illuminates for 3-12 hours a day, and can work normally for 3-5 consecutive rainy days. The standard configuration includes brackets and accessories. The brightness and style can be customized according to customer requirements, and an economical and reasonable comprehensive solution can be designed for customers.

1. Battery module: 35Wp/17V solar panel;
2. Battery: 38Ah/12V lead-acid battery;
3. Light source: 21W high-power LED lamp;
4. Control system: special microcomputer intelligent controller for solar street lamps;
5. Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C;
6. Lighting time: 8 hours, 3 rainy days;