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China Solar Road Stud Manufacturer Company, Don't Ignore These Points

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Solar Road Stud is a kind of Road Stud. It is set along the road surface and used to indicate the direction of the road at night or in rainy and foggy weather. It is composed of retroreflective materials, housings, solar panels, LEDs, and control devices. It has active light emission Visually inducing facilities with passive reflective properties, usually used in combination with marking lines.
During the day, solar panels absorb sunlight, convert solar energy into electrical energy, and store it in an energy storage device (battery or capacitor). At night, the electrical energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch), which is emitted by LED The bright light is used to outline the outline of the road and induce the driver's sight.

Solar Road Stud can be divided into embedded type and protruding type according to different installation positions. The former is generally used in the midline, and the latter is generally used in the marginal line. This is because the solar road stud installed on the center line has a particularly high requirement for pressure resistance. In order to solve this problem, the solar road stud had to be buried in the ground, with only about 5 millimeters exposed to the ground. However, the solar road stud used on the edge line does not have particularly high pressure resistance requirements, and it can still work effectively when protruding from the ground.

Solar Road Stud can be divided into capacitive type and battery type according to different energy storage elements. The service life of the former can reach five to seven years, and the service life of the latter generally ranges from one to three years.
Because the embedded solar road stud is very damaging to the road surface, and the capacitive solar road stud is too expensive, so the most widely used solar road stud is the raised battery solar road stud. China Solar Road Stud Manufacturer Company Solar Road Stud uses 0.25W/2V monocrystalline silicon solar panels, monocrystalline silicon is a relatively active non-metallic element, in addition to the general characteristics, it also has the advantages of high purity and high solar conversion rate .
The Solar Road Stud is designed with an aluminum casing, which is impact-resistant and durable. The solar panel is embedded in the aluminum frame, which can better absorb solar energy and will not be damaged by the car.
Solar Road Stud adopts ultra-bright Taiwan epistar chip lamp beads, which are eye-catching and distinct in color. It has good visibility no matter in day or night, which can attract the driver's attention, reduce the speed of the car, and improve the speed of the road on the highway. driving safety.

Solar Road Stud is available in a variety of colors, and the color of the lamp beads and reflectors can be customized according to customer requirements.
Solar Road Stud has overcharge and overdischarge protection functions.
Solar Road Stud has a good waterproof and dustproof effect, and the protection level can reach IP68.
While Henan Hoan Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. is actively exploring the domestic market, we are also exploring the international market, with customers all over the world, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Russia, New Zealand, Sanya, the Middle East, South Africa and other parts of the world.
Regarding safety, stick to your own principles, do not violate responsibilities and responsibilities, return to the essence of traffic safety facilities, and maintain our traffic safety together!