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Solar Traffic Light is off, pedestrians are not safe

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1. One of the Solar Traffic Lights on the crosswalk is not lit. Many citizens do not know when they can pass the crosswalk, which is very inconvenient and unsafe.

2. The reporter came to the intersection and saw that the Solar Traffic Lights of three of the four pedestrian crossings at the intersection could be displayed normally, but the Solar Traffic Light of the pedestrian crossings was not on. The reporter found through observation that many pedestrians would stand hesitantly on the side of the road when passing the crosswalk, and pass quickly when they saw no cars. Very thrilling.

3. The reporter interviewed a shop owner who opened a shop on the side of the road. He told the reporter that the Solar Traffic Light had been off for a while and no one had come to fix it. Ms. Zhong, who was standing on the side of the road waiting to pass, said that she lived next to the commercial plaza and had to pass the crosswalk every day.

"Every time I pass, I rely on my own judgment. I am sure that the vehicle will not drive over, and I will walk over. I hope that this Solar Traffic Light can be repaired as soon as possible, so that everyone can pass safely."