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How to prevent vulcanization when using Led Solar Signal Light?

In the process of production or use, it is necessary to prevent vulcanization of Led Solar Signal Light, so as to ensure the quality of the product and prolong the service life. The editor has compiled the following points as.
How to prevent the vulcanization of Led Solar Signal Light, please see the detailed introduction below.
1. Production process
The vulcanization phenomenon in the production process mainly occurs in the die-bonding and dispensing packaging processes. The main sources of sulfide are silver-containing materials and silicon film materials. Therefore, everyone must pay great attention to the prevention of vulcanization in these two links during the production process.

The way to avoid it is to not use sulfur-containing materials and fixtures and other sulfur-containing auxiliary tools and materials in the production process. The production environment of Led Solar Signal Light is basically a dust-free workshop, so the isolation of sulfur in the environment is required to be very high. We only need to do a good job of isolating sulfur-containing materials, fixtures, and auxiliary materials during production. Generally not easy to be vulcanized.
2. SMT process
The main reason is that many sulfur-containing materials will be encountered during the SMT process. For example, during the inspection process, sulfur elements are often found in PCB boards, solder paste, board washing water, and other filling glues. These materials will enter the reflow furnace together with the led traffic lights. After a period of time after reflow, we found that the silver-plated part of the bracket has blackened. In fact, this is mainly due to the sulfur-containing substances entering the Led Solar Signal Light during the reflow process. Inside, the silver is sulfided and the product fails.

In view of the fact that sulfur is relatively active in a high temperature environment-so during SMT operations, we can pre-clean the PCB board once through a high-temperature reflow furnace to reduce the sulfur content on the surface of the PCB board. If the process is not allowed, the PCB surface can also be cleaned directly before SMT. However, everyone should pay attention to the fact that after the reflow is completed, the surface of the product needs to be cleaned once. After cleaning the board surface and solder joints, the probability of Led Solar Signal Light vulcanization will be reduced. When cleaning, it is necessary to choose a cleaning that does not contain sulfur and other acids. agent.

3. Application process
Generally speaking, all of us should avoid being polluted by sulfur-containing substances during use, because only in this way can its service life be extended.
The three points mentioned in the article, I hope that we should do a good job to prevent the vulcanization of Led Solar Signal Light no matter in the production or SMT process or in use.