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You must know the knowledge of these Traffic Signs on the highway

1. Numbering characteristics of expressways, national highways and provincial highways
Expressways generally start with G or S, G is a national expressway, and S is a provincial expressway. There are relatively few provincial expressways, and they are generally national expressways.
National highways are displayed in white characters on a green background on Traffic Signs. The number behind G has 1, 2 or 4 digits, and different numbers have different meanings.

1. High-speed Traffic Signs
A high-speed radiating from Wuhan as the center, followed by a number.
If the last two digits are an odd number, it is a north-south longitudinal expressway, for example:
The four-digit number after the letter is the connection line that serves as the connection link of multiple main-line expressways. (Most tie lines connect multiple highways), for example:
2. National Highway Traffic Signs
National highways also start with the letter G, but the numbers behind them are three digits, which are used to distinguish them from high-speed highways, and are generally displayed in white letters on a red background.

There are three kinds of one-digit numbers: 1, 2, and 3. 1 represents the national road that radiates from Wuhan as the center, 2 represents the national road that runs north-south, and 3 represents the national road that runs east-west.
3. Provincial Road Traffic Signs
Traffic Signs on provincial roads are generally black on a yellow background, starting with the letter S, followed by 3 digits.
The meaning of the numbers is similar to that of expressways and national highways. One digit 1 means a radial provincial road starting from the provincial capital city (provincial capital), 2 means a provincial road running north-south, and 3 means a provincial road running east-west.

4. County Road
The county road mainly connects the county seat and the main townships (towns) in the county and other main places, and it is also the letter X followed by 3 digits.
Alphabet Expressway Traffic Signs: Start with capital letter G (national expressway), S (provincial expressway), followed by one, two or four digits National highway: start with capital letter G, followed by three digits (with expressway Distinguish) provincial road: start with a capital letter S, followed by three digits County Road: start with a capital letter X, followed by three digits.