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How Solar Signal Light Controls Traffic Flow


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According to the "Road Traffic Safety Law" and its implementation regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, the installation of Solar Signal Light corrects the setting and application of urban road traffic signals, focusing on the promotion of urban road Solar Signal Light. Compliance with norms, violations, and timing issues is unreasonable. In order to promote the intelligence of Solar Signal Light, according to the scientific power distribution, improve the order, improve the traffic capacity and efficiency of road intersections, reduce traffic delays and waste of resources, interfere with traffic Solar Signal Light, and improve the traffic capacity of regional and urban road networks , to effectively alleviate traffic congestion, and the single-point timing control should be adjusted in time according to traffic flow and flow power. and should be related to the harmony of the associated combined signals. Through query and collection, the collection, transmission, Solar Signal Light and intelligence of the entire network, partial road network, key local or at least partial traffic are completed. Single-point time control gradually decreases.

The production of traffic signal lights should meet the requirements of the national standard "Road Solar Signal Light" (GB 14887), and the new traffic signal lights should be issued qualification certificates by relevant national departments.
The position, direction and number of Solar Signal Lights should ensure that drivers and pedestrians can clearly and accurately observe the signals of intersections with poor visibility.
Lighting should be equipped with traffic signs, signs and other equipment to coordinate information and not contradict each other. The combination of Solar Signal Light should line up with the spread of the guide lines and the direction indicator should work correctly.

The time phase of the signal is determined by Solar Signal Light, which is the signal machine, to identify the control period according to the dispersion of traffic flow, so as to determine the control program to set the green light time for pedestrians to ensure that pedestrians can walk safely on the street. The rules for signal distribution on urban roads should be fundamentally the same.
Signals and signal control systems for updates and changes should be included in the plan, implemented in an orderly manner, and constructed in an open and fair manner. Taking into account the docking and compatibility of equipment and channels, the use of advanced control equipment and control systems is encouraged.

Encourage new traffic flow detection equipment to compensate and improve road traffic signals, provide data to support traffic signal control, optimize the professional traffic signal repair team that the city should have, establish comprehensive inspection, reporting and maintenance standards, and include repair funds into the budget. The public security traffic management department should organize signal processing for road solar signal light, apply for responsibilities and positions, continuously improve business capabilities, regularly optimize and adjust road solar signal light, and encourage the government to purchase services, etc. , Actively introduce social forces to carry out traffic signal equipment transportation, maintenance and signal control optimization services.