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Why aren't Solar Street Lights installed on highways?

Generally speaking, only some ring expressways, airport expressways, and expressways in special landscape areas have Solar Street Lights. Solar Street Lights are generally not installed on expressways. Do you know why?
The expressway itself does not need a complete reflective marking system on the expressway, which can reflect the lane indicator markings, roadside outlines, lane dividing lines and central divider outlines. As long as the headlights are turned on at night, the expressway reflection effect is very good. No need for Solar Street Lights at all.

Pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles are not allowed on the highway; motorcycles, tractors, and tricycles are not allowed on the road; so the highway does not need to undertake the pedestrian lighting function.
There are fewer vehicles at night than during the day at high speed, and the traffic is not large. Moreover, the road conditions are maintained relatively well, there are no obvious potholes, and the safety factor is relatively high.
The laying of Solar Street Lights has its own industry standards on municipal roads and expressways. Street lights will be added in high-speed tunnels, bridges, and major bends, but Solar Street Lights are generally not installed on straighter roads.

high cost
According to urban road standards, the maximum distance between two street lights is only 50 meters. As early as 2014 in our country, the total mileage of expressways exceeded 100,000 kilometers. If all Solar Street Lights are installed, the installation and maintenance costs are indeed astronomical. I made a rough calculation, and the installation cost alone is close to 100. Billion RMB, amazing!

Energy saving and environmental protection
If you install Solar Street Lights according to all the above, it will have a huge impact on the environment, because such a huge power consumption needs to burn a lot of coal to supply. Moreover, with so many Solar Street Lights, the electricity consumption every night is quite considerable, and even several special heating power plants need to be set up to supply them, and the annual electricity bill is even more astronomical.
Scattered light will dazzle drivers on long-distance driving and affect driving safety. Moreover, the lighting of Solar Street Lights is not continuous, so it may flicker, and the driver is very prone to visual fatigue during driving.