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"Pedestrians crossing the street requesting the Solar Signal Light button" has operating rules, and malicious requests will not work

According to reports, at present, the pedestrian request mode Solar Signal Light has begun trial implementation in some cities, which plays a positive role in ensuring the safe travel of pedestrians and alleviating conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles.

So, since the Solar Signal Light can be changed with just a button, if someone maliciously keeps pressing the request button, wouldn’t the vehicle be unable to pass? In this regard, the traffic police said that the pedestrian request mode Solar Signal Light also has its operating rules, and malicious requests are not feasible.

For example, according to the actual road conditions and pedestrian traffic speed, the traffic police set the default time of the system to be 60 seconds for vehicles and 20 seconds for pedestrians. When there is no request from pedestrians, the system will always default to the time for vehicles. If a pedestrian presses the button and sends a request, it will not be converted to pedestrian time immediately, and the system will convert to pedestrian time after reading the driving time. After converting to pedestrian time, previous pedestrian requests are reset to zero to prevent malicious repeated requests.

The traffic patrol police remind citizens that after pressing the button, they should wait patiently for the end of the driving time. When the pedestrian Solar Signal Light turns into a green light and the Solar Signal Light of the motorway turns into a red light, pedestrians can cross the street. At the same time, vehicles passing through the Solar Signal Light should also pay attention to the Solar Signal Light. The signal lights on the roadway will switch from green to yellow when entering pedestrian time, and finally turn to red.