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Driving features set by Road Studs

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The setting of Road Studs facilities should fully consider the driving characteristics of rural roads and meet the safety needs of different travelers during the day and at night. On rural roads, there are many small motor vehicles such as agricultural machinery vehicles and motorcycles. These vehicles usually do not have good lighting conditions, and passive reflective traffic signs that rely on light source reflection are useless at night. In recent years, with the maturity of Solar Road Studs LED light source and light-storing self-luminous materials, active light-emitting Road Studs have been popularized and applied, and the comprehensive economic benefits are remarkable. Active light-emitting Road Studs with themselves as the light source should be properly set up on road sections with many safety hazards such as village entrances and exits, primary school gates, and sharp turns in river ditches to achieve better visual protection and safety.

The setting of Road Studs should be well-documented and law-based. Rural roads also belong to my country's traffic environment system, and also refer to various laws and regulations on road traffic management. Road Studs should also be set according to relevant national industry standards and legal norms. Patterns and characters must be unified and standardized, and strictly follow the technical standards of GB5768-1999 "Road Traffic Signs and Markings" and JT/T279-2004 "Road Traffic Sign Boards". The information content must be true and accurate in order to truly play a role of safety and guidance effect. In view of the phenomenon that Road Studs on rural roads are easy to be stolen and damaged, unified number registration can be carried out during product processing and installation, anti-counterfeiting marks can be added to the products, and public welfare slogans can be marked on the back of the marks to facilitate future management verification and information categorized.

The management of Road Studs and other traffic safety facilities on rural roads should be unified and treated as a public welfare undertaking to promote farmers' awareness of self-supervision and management. Since rural roads are multi-point and long, they are different from urban roads and other grades of roads, which are easy to inspect and maintain, and are more difficult in terms of time and manpower for inspection and maintenance. It is necessary to rely on county, town, and village levels for hierarchical management. Referring to the Mountain Closure Convention and the Forest Protection Convention, you can also write a traffic safety convention, write the maintenance supervision and management of Road Studs into the village regulations and civil regulations, and set up special supervisors to ensure real-time on-site supervision and management.

Scientifically and rationally setting up and managing safety facilities such as Road Studs, so that they can play a role in guiding safety awareness and ensuring the safety of life and property in the traffic environment of rural roads. An urgent matter for thousands of farmers. For economic development, traffic comes first; for a happy life, safety comes first; for rural road safety, Road Studs come first. To make people travel "good, easy, and safe" into practice, the setting and management of rural road road studs will definitely receive the support of all sectors of society and bear the brunt.