Solar Road Stud HA-RS-A6

Cast aluminum solar energy with nails road nail installation more stable, compressive value of 25 tons, suitable for use in road dividers, low price, many years of experience in the use of the road, active luminous and passive luminous combination.
Protection class: IP68
Certificate: CE, ROHS, ISO9001
Warranty: 2 Years
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Product Introduction
Solar road studs, is a kind of road studs, set along the road surface, for night or rain and fog weather, indicating the direction of the road ahead, by retro-reflective materials, shell, solar panels, LED, control devices. With active light-emitting and passive reflective properties of visual induction, usually used in combination with the marker.
Solar road studs work: during the day, solar panels absorb sunlight, solar energy into electrical energy stored in energy storage devices (batteries or capacitors), at night, the electrical energy in the storage devices automatically converted into light energy (controlled by photoelectric switch), through the LED emits bright light to outline the road, to induce the driver's line of sight.
Product Advantages
Aluminum alloy shell once die-casting molding, nail surface integration design.
Increase the led luminous area, improve the visual recognition.
High impact resistance, load-resistant structure design.
large-capacity power battery, 2000 cycles of life.
High efficiency solar panel charging efficiency 23%.
Product Parameters
Size : 123*33*22mm+ 55mm
Material : Aluminum alloy shell+Polycarbonate+epoxy filler
Color: White Yellow Red Blue Green
Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Product Install
Mark the correct installation location (generally 3m apart).
Use the coring machine to take the hole, the depth of the hole is 1cm greater than the depth of the nail foot, and the diameter of the hole position is 2mm greater than the diameter of the nail foot.
Blow dry and clean the hole, pour the prepared glue and place the bottom of the solar road stud into the hole.
After installation, clean up the spilled glue and debris around, wait for 4-8 hours to activate.