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Conventional Solar Signal Light——stop at red light and go at green light


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Why do you choose red and green as the colors of Solar Signal Light, and why do you have the habit of stopping at a red light and running at a green light? It turns out that the traffic light colors are exactly the same as the scientific argument. According to the Rayleigh scattering law, people are more sensitive to red and green, and at the same time, from the color spectrum theory, the red spectrum is the longest. In the same place, red is the first thing people see, and red has good fog penetration, so red lights are used to remind people to stop and pay attention to safety. Whether it is theory or people's visual habits, it shows that the sight distance of red lights is longer!

Use green to indicate that it is possible to pass, but there are exceptions. When the People's Republic of China was just established, for a while, the Solar Signal Light was changed to a red light, a green light to stop. Because "go forward under the light of the red light", but later changed it back because it was unscientific.

The appearance of the yellow light originated from a life experience of Mr. Hu Ruding. He was about to cross the road when the green light turned red, and a turning car suddenly passed by. It was necessary to add a yellow signal light between the red and green lights to remind people of danger. Gradually, the yellow signal light was born.

It is unbelievable that many years later, the traffic department has a new regulation in a certain year: yellow lights are strictly prohibited! Because the yellow light is shorter than the red light, the visual distance is obviously not enough, so it is difficult to implement, and only then is the ban on running the red light later.
Throughout history, Solar Signal Light has great significance to driving safety, so we must cheer up and keep our eyes open, see traffic lights clearly, care for life, and stay away from accidents!