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Just don't run through the traffic lights!

When we drive and encounter such an intersection, we need to ensure at least 2 minutes of observation time to avoid the situation that there is a long time allocation of Traffic Lights. If the red light was run due to the failure of Traffic Lights, we can use the driving recorder to save the evidence and apply to the traffic police department for cancellation. The traffic police will delete it according to the maintenance records during the review.

Wrong time release:
Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the changes of Traffic Lights when passing through traffic light intersections during the morning and evening peak hours, and don't judge by habits alone.

Master's summary: In fact, when the traffic policeman is doing Traffic Lights timing and optimization work, he not only considers the traffic conditions at intersections, but also considers the traffic conditions of the entire road section and the entire area, especially for first-tier cities, where long-term Settings such as waiting or time-sharing release during peak periods are designed to balance the traffic pressure on the road network and prevent large-scale traffic congestion. As drivers, we need to concentrate and pay more attention to the surrounding traffic conditions when driving, and we can avoid unnecessary violations in many cases.

In addition to the long period of Traffic Lights, which can easily lead to running red lights, car owners are prone to be confused when passing through at the wrong time in the morning and evening peak hours. Usually, intersections that are cleared in both directions at the same time will become cleared at the wrong time. Turn the light, once it turns red it will no longer turn green. Faced with such a situation, drivers should not think that the Traffic Lights are broken, and just drive over, that is a violation of the regulations.