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Structure and principle of IL300 Solar Road Studs

I. Structural features
As an advanced road safety facility, the structural design of IL300 Solar Road Studs fully considers practicality, durability and environmental adaptability. Specifically, it is mainly composed of the following parts:
1. Shell: The shell of IL300 Solar Road Studs is made of cast aluminum and is painted. This design not only ensures the pressure resistance of the road studs, but also improves its corrosion resistance and weather resistance. The shell is generally 143*47MM in diameter, ensuring sufficient stability and convenient installation.

2. Solar panel: The top of Solar Road Studs is equipped with imported flexible solar panels, which can effectively absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. The solar panel specification is 2.5V/500MA, which ensures that the road studs can quickly store enough energy under sufficient light conditions.
3. Energy storage device: Solar Road Studs is equipped with a 1.2V/1200mAH NI-MH high temperature resistant battery or iron lithium battery to store the electricity converted by the solar panel during the day. These batteries have a long service life and good stability, and can continuously provide power for the road studs at night or when there is insufficient light.
4. LED lights: The light-emitting part of Solar Road Studs uses high-brightness LED lights with a wafer diameter of 10mm. These LED lights can emit light in a flashing (90±10 times/minute) or constant light mode, effectively illuminating the road contour and indicator markings.

2. Working principle
The working principle of IL300 Solar Road Studs is simple and efficient:
1. Charging during the day: When there is sufficient light during the day, the solar panel absorbs sunlight and converts it into electrical energy, and stores this energy in the internal energy storage device (battery or capacitor).
2. Glow at night: When night falls or the ambient light is insufficient, the microcontroller inside the Solar Road Studs will sense the change in light and automatically start the LED light. At this time, the electrical energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy, and the LED emits light to outline the road contour and indicator markings.

In addition, IL300 Solar Road Studs also has good environmental adaptability. It can work normally in various weather conditions, including rainy days, foggy days and cloudy days. In continuous rainy weather, as long as there is enough electricity in the energy storage device, Solar Road Studs can still continue to emit light, providing safety for night driving.
In summary, IL300 Solar Road Studs, with its unique structure and efficient working principle, plays an important role in improving night driving safety. It can not only clearly outline the road contours and edges, but also guide the driver's sight and eliminate safety hazards. It is an indispensable part of road traffic facilities.