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The application scenarios of Reflective Road Studs in Colombia at night can be summarized as follows

1. Urban main roads and highways
Reflective Road Studs are widely used on urban main roads and highways in Colombia at night. These roads usually have large traffic volume and high speed, so safety is particularly important. Reflective Road Studs are installed on the center line of the road, lane dividing lines and intersection guide lines. When the headlights are illuminated, they will reflect bright light and clearly outline the outline of the road. This not only helps drivers accurately judge the lane and driving direction when driving at high speeds, but also improves the overall safety of driving at night.

2. Mountainous and rural roads
In mountainous and rural areas of Colombia, road conditions may be more complex, and lighting facilities are not as complete as in cities. In these areas, Reflective Road Studs also play an important role at night. They are arranged on bends, up and down ramps, and areas with poor visibility, and they remind drivers of the direction of the road and potential dangers by reflecting the light of headlights. This greatly reduces the risk of driving at night in these areas.

3. Roads near schools and residential areas
Reflective Road Studs are also widely used on roads near schools and residential areas at night. These areas usually have more pedestrian and non-motor vehicle activities, so traffic safety is particularly important. The installation of Reflective Road Stud not only reminds drivers to slow down, but also helps them see pedestrians and non-motor vehicles more clearly at night, thereby avoiding potential collision accidents.

4. Application in adverse weather conditions
In adverse weather conditions such as rainy days and foggy days, visibility is greatly reduced, which brings great challenges to night driving. At this time, the role of reflective road studs at night is more prominent. They can penetrate rain and fog, reflect bright light, and provide clear visual guidance for drivers. This feature is particularly important in rainy areas in Colombia, greatly enhancing the safety of night driving.
In general, Reflective Road Studs at night are widely used in various road scenes in Colombia. They improve the visibility and safety of night driving by reflecting the light of car lights, providing important driving protection for drivers.