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Radar Speed Sign installation process on UAE highways

On the UAE's highways, Radar Speed Sign is widely used to effectively monitor the speed of vehicles and ensure traffic safety. So, how is this Radar Speed Sign installed on the highway?
First, choosing the right location is a critical step in installing Radar Speed Sign. Typically, these locations are on the edge of highways or in heavy traffic areas to maximize their effectiveness in monitoring speed. After selecting a location, the installer needs to clean up and ensure that the surface of the installation area is clean and tidy so that the Radar Speed Sign can be firmly fixed on the road.

Next, the installer needs to measure and position. Use a professional measuring tool to determine where the Radar Speed Sign should be installed, and mark it with a marker. This ensures that the Radar Speed Sign is installed in the correct location and matches the direction and curvature of the road.
The installer then began installing the Radar Speed Sign. First, they need to secure the Radar Speed Sign to a sturdy stand, ensuring that the Radar Speed Sign does not wobble or tilt. They then need to install radar sensors on top of the speed signs so they can accurately monitor the vehicle's speed. During installation, they need to ensure that the Radar Speed Sign is aligned with the road and not obscured by nearby buildings or other obstacles.

Next, the installer needs to debug and test the Radar Speed Sign. They need to make sure the speed signs are working properly and accurately monitoring the vehicle's speed. During the testing process, they will use professional testing tools to test the speed plate to check whether it meets the requirements.
Finally, the installer needs to maintain and manage the Radar Speed Sign. They need to regularly check whether the speed plate is working properly and repair and replace it in a timely manner. At the same time, they also need to clean and maintain the speed plate to ensure that it is working properly.

In general, the installation process of Radar Speed Sign requires professional skills and tools, and every step needs to be completed carefully. Only in this way can we ensure that Radar Speed Sign can be installed firmly and stably on the highway, play its due role and contribute to ensuring traffic safety.