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How many installation methods are there for Solar Studs lights?

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Solar Studs lights are also called solar red and blue double-sided Solar Studs. As an indispensable device on the road, it can give pedestrians a very eye-catching feeling at night. It is a traffic safety facility that uses solar energy and can avoid accidents. It is indispensable One of the missing solar traffic lights.

When many people purchase this kind of Solar Studs, they will think about how to install them. As a professional manufacturer in this industry, the editor summarizes the following points: [Solar Studs]  
1. Before installing the Solar Studs light, put the light box on the switch and turn it on. [Solar Studs]

2. The solar panel should be placed at an angle of 15 degrees to the south, so as to get sufficient sunlight time. When installing, remove the extra screw cap on the hollow screw above the light box, and place the hollow screw in the middle of the battery panel shelf. Put on the screw cap to adjust the height of the battery board, and then tighten the screw. [Solar Studs]

3. Insert the solar panel plug-in and the waterproof plug-in on the box body firmly. [Solar Studs]
The above is the installation method of Solar Studs for this type of device introduced by Henan Hoan Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd., a traffic signal light manufacturer.