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For the products of solar Road Studs lights, those knowledge points that you don't know


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Solar Road Studs lights mainly play the role of safety warning. They are mainly used for dangerous road sections or bridges with potential safety hazards such as security duty points, ramps, school gates, intersections, turns, and many pedestrians passing through.

Solar Road Studs lights use solar panels to charge lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries without external power supply. The light-emitting unit uses high-quality, high-brightness LEDs from Epistar chips in Taiwan, which has good warning effects.
The flashing mode and battery charge and discharge protection are controlled by a high-performance microcomputer controller, with stable performance, and can work continuously for more than 120 hours on a full charge in rainy days.
Function of Solar Road Studs Light 【Solar Road Studs Light】
1. It can indicate traffic and act as a reminder without personnel command.
2. Light control mode, in dim light or at night, the product will automatically light up and flash without manual control.
3. Solar Road Studs lights are environmentally friendly and energy-saving. They use free solar power savings and do not produce any harmful substances.
4. High-brightness LED light tube, the safety warning effect is more prominent. A variety of text content can be customized.

【Features of Solar Road Studs Light】
1. Solar Road Studs lights are easy to install. No external power supply, no need to lay lines.
2. Energy saving. Low power consumption, solar powered, low operating costs.
3. Green and environmental protection. Contains no harmful substances and emits no pollutants.
4. Solar Road Studs lights have good warning effect. The LED adopts Taiwan Epistar chip, which has high brightness, good warning effect and slow light attenuation.
5. Stable performance. Adopt PIC series single-chip microcomputer control, complete protection circuit, stable and reliable function.
6. Long service life. LED service life ≥ 100000 hours, solar laminate service life 15 years.

7. Strong and durable. The combination of aluminum profile shell and PC shell is impact-resistant, anti-aging, and corrosion-resistant. The solar panel is covered with tempered glass and fixed by an aluminum frame. 【Solar strobe light】
8. Solar Road Studs lights work long hours. Once fully charged, it can work continuously for 120 hours. The light control mode can work for 10 rainy days, and the 24-hour mode can work for 5 rainy days.
9. The solar Road Studs light shell is made of aluminum alloy profiles, and the surface is composed of PC plastics. Sealing treatment, high-performance protection, effective protection against rain and dust intrusion.