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The difference between LED Solar Studs lights and traditional light source signal lights (2)

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Compared with incandescent lamps, LED Solar Studs lamps have a longer working life, generally up to 10 years, considering the harsh outdoor environment
The impact of the impact, the expected life expectancy will be reduced to 5 to 6 years. At present, ultra-high brightness red, yellow and green LEDs have been industrialized, and the price
It is also relatively cheap. If a module composed of red ultra-high brightness LEDs is used to replace the traditional red incandescent traffic signal lamp head, the
The impact on safety caused by the sudden failure of the red incandescent lamp is minimized. General LED traffic signal module consists of several
Groups of LED single lights in series, taking a red LED traffic signal module with a diameter of 300mm as an example, in 3~9 groups of LED single lights in series, the number of LED single lights in each group is 70~75 (the total is 210~675 LED single light), when one LED single light fails, it will only affect one group of signals, and the remaining groups will be reduced to 2/3 (67%) or 8/9 (89%) of the original, which will not be like incandescent lamp
That renders the entire signal lamp head useless.

Infrared rays account for a relatively high proportion of the light radiation of incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, and the thermal effect produced will affect the production of high-quality lamps.
Molecular materials make an impact.

Because the LED Solar Studs lamp is composed of multiple LED illuminants, the design of the pattern lamp can be
The layout adjustment of LED allows itself to form a variety of patterns, and can make various colors into one, which can
Various signals are integrated, so that the same light body space can be given more traffic information and configure more traffic directions.
It can also form a dynamic pattern signal by switching the LEDs in different parts of the pattern, so that the rigid traffic signal becomes
It is more humane and more vivid, which is difficult for traditional light sources to realize.

The current main problem of the LED Solar Studs signal module is that the cost is relatively high, but due to its long service life, high efficiency and other advantages, the overall cost performance is very high.