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Why are Home Solar Road Studs so popular?

Hoan Youtube - Production of 【IL300 Road Studs】

Solar Road Studs Sales Market Analysis:
There is basically no public lighting in the countryside, and people are used to groping in the dark. From nothing to having it, there will be a sudden sense of novelty and a sensational effect;

Demonstration of herd mentality: Rural people are familiar with each other. If the next door has one, but I don’t, it will cause a sense of loss, and most of them will follow;

Free mentality: If you install street lights that are connected to the grid, you will have electricity bills and it will be difficult to share them. However, Solar Road Studs is installed once and free of electricity bills.
The countryside has a wide field of view and plenty of sunshine, which is suitable for installing Solar Road Studs;
The current standard of living in rural areas, affordability to purchase Solar Road Studs;
Government support and subsidy policies;

Background Analysis of Solar Road Studs Rural Market:
At present, some rural areas have begun to use Solar Road Studs, most of which have not been installed, and the market prospect is broad;
Solar Road Studs are suitable for country roads, home yards, fish ponds, orchards, pig farms, ecological farms, etc.
In many places, most enterprises have not specifically entered the rural Solar Road Studs market and are in a non-competitive market position;
China's rural land is vast, and the countryside is larger than the city, so it can be operated sustainably.