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Solar Studs lights can reduce traffic safety hazards


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Solar Studs lights not only help drivers focus their eyesight on the road, reduce driver fatigue symptoms, but also reduce vehicle waiting time, ease urban traffic congestion, and effectively reduce unnecessary traffic safety hazards. Today, follow Ruichen to learn about the Solar Studs light solution.

Solar Studs Lighting Solutions
Intersection status: Two-way 8-lane intersection, equipment setting and equipment placement Equipment: In the plan, the intersection adopts a relatively new national standard centralized and harmonious self-adaptive control machine, and 400 types of 2 groups of three lights and three colors are installed for tools and north and south signs. Arrow-type light marker lights, 1 communication-type countdown timer, and 8 groups of static red people, green people, and pedestrian Solar Studs lights.

Solar Studs light system solution
Solar Studs lights are used for road level crossing intersections. By issuing instructions to vehicles and pedestrians to move forward or stop, the people and vehicles arriving at the same time can flow, reducing mutual interference as much as possible, so as to improve the traffic capacity of the intersection and ensure the safety of the intersection. Smooth and safe. Researching and designing Solar Studs light control system has very important practical significance. The design of the Solar Studs light control system includes: identifying the controlled object and decomposing the controlled object to make a control request, finding out the control law, selecting a control plan, selecting PLC and input/output devices; allocating input/output addresses, and designing PLC peripherals Hardware circuit; French model design; system debugging and operation.

Blind Bell Operation Scheme
When crossing an intersection, stop at a red light and go at a green light, which is unfathomable to ordinary people, but it is difficult for blind people to distinguish, and crossing the road is frightening. The assembly uses a digital electronic voice module for recording and digital tuning, and can control the playback content through a single-chip microcomputer. According to the state of the pedestrian light, it can send corresponding human voice and knock sound prompts to pedestrians crossing the street, so that pedestrians, especially blind or low-sighted people, pay more attention to safety when crossing the road, fully embodying the concept of road traffic safety behavior Humanized design. In addition, the device can control the playback volume or choose to stop playback according to the state of the intersection.