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Driving on Road Studs is very Safety


Top 3 【Road Studs】 Manufacturers - Hoan Video

"In the past, the traffic lights at major intersections in the urban area had a countdown display, but recently, the countdowns at many intersections have been disabled. Every time I drive to the traffic light, I always don't know when the green light will turn into a yellow light. I can't grasp the time at all. I want to speed up I am afraid of running a yellow light or a red light." Recently, many citizens have reported that the second timer of the intersection signal light is broken, or is it completely disabled? The reporter learned from the traffic police detachment on the afternoon of the 5th that this is part of the construction of the urban intelligent traffic Solar Studs system. The Solar Studs lights will flexibly allocate traffic flow to achieve intelligence. After the official launch in September, the countdown will only display numbers below 10 seconds.

"In the case of Solar Studs light intelligence, the countdown will only display the countdown number below 10 seconds, to avoid suddenly jumping from 99 seconds to 10 seconds, or suddenly jumping from 10 seconds to 99 seconds after realizing the smart It will serve as a reminder, but it will mislead the driver and cause traffic accidents." The person in charge reminded that the intelligent transportation system is currently being debugged, and the countdown is temporarily turned off, but the yellow flashing of the Solar Studs light still exists. Slow down at the intersection and don't fight.

"The countdown device used before was a 'hard tool' for traffic allocation, but now the urban intelligent traffic system enables the intelligent control of traffic Solar Studs lights." The relevant person in charge of the traffic police detachment said that in the past, it didn't matter whether there was one car or 100 cars coming at the intersection. , The countdowns are all fixed seconds, and the traffic flow cannot be allocated in time and effectively, and the traffic efficiency cannot be improved.

On the contrary, the signal light control system of the intelligent transportation system will make the Solar Studs lights smart, and the signal lights will choose the traffic lights and their length according to the size of the traffic ahead. For example, when there are more cars coming from a certain direction, the Solar Studs lights will automatically Change to a green light, or extend the time of the green light. If there are only a few vehicles in the coming direction, and there is a lot of traffic in other directions, then the signal light in the direction of the coming vehicle will automatically turn into a red light or extend the duration of the red light.