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Driving Safety Guidance and Traffic Lights System of Chongqing Ring Expressway in Foggy Weather


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Chongqing Ring Expressway, referred to as Chongqing Ring Expressway, is an expressway in Chongqing, China, and is the main urban ring line of China's national expressway network. The Chongqing Ring Expressway has two-way six-lane lines and crosses the Yangtze River twice via the Yuzui Yangtze River Bridge and the Outer Ring Jiangjin Yangtze River Bridge, and the Shijialiang Jialing River Bridge crosses the Jialing River once.

Chongqing Ring Expressway Intelligent Induction Fog Lamp and Traffic Lights Reconstruction Project, Foggy Highway Driving Safety Guidance Device and Traffic Lights System can eliminate potential safety hazards and improve driving safety index in foggy high-speed foggy days. Chongqing is a famous foggy city, with an average of more than 100 days of fog every year. Located at the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, the source of water vapor is quite abundant, the air is quite humid, and the relative temperature is as high as 80%; when the fog is thick, the visibility is sometimes only a few meters. Known as the "Fog City". Mountainous highways are prone to fog in low temperature weather, resulting in reduced visibility. Drivers cannot judge the road conditions when driving, and it is easy to cause traffic accidents such as rear-end collisions and guardrails.

This time, the Chongqing Ring Expressway put into use the driving safety induction device and the Traffic Lights system on foggy roads. The Traffic Lights system is divided into two modes: active driving induction and rear-end collision prevention warning. The luminous display component should be able to prompt the safe distance between the front and rear vehicles through the change of working status.

When a vehicle passes the Traffic Lights induction device, the red light of the upstream specific induction fog lamp can be triggered to form a red trail to indicate that there is a car ahead of the subsequent vehicle, and a safe distance between vehicles must be maintained.