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Participated in Chongqing Bishan Tunnel Road Studs lighting improvement and renovation project

The tunnel project from Bishan District to University Town in Chongqing (Bishan Tunnel) starts from Shuangxing Avenue in Bishan City. The opening of Bishan Tunnel has enabled Bishan District to achieve a magnificent turn and become the "best partner" of Xiyong Microelectronics Park.

The Bishan Tunnel will become a bridge and link for the Road Studs electronics industry to radiate to the surrounding areas. The 8-minute drive will produce a huge agglomeration effect and attract more IT supporting companies to settle in Bishan.

Tunnel LED Road Studs, also called photoelectric protruding road signs, are clear, eye-catching and adjustable active flashing sight-inducing signs. Road Studs are continuously laid out to form a luminous lane outline. Road Studs not only play an excellent and obvious guiding and warning role, but also It can add beautiful scenery to it.

Road Studs are mainly installed on the curbs or tunnel walls of highways, tunnels, approach shoulders, roundabouts, safety islands, underground parking entrances and exits, and on curb side walls.