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Hoan Lianhuo Expressway Weinan section intelligent Traffic Lights system officially launched

Lianyungang-Horgos Expressway, referred to as Lianhuo Expressway, also known as Lianhuo Expressway, is one of the east-west trunk lines of China's national expressway network, from the coastal city of Lianyungang to the "Lianhuo Expressway" on the border of Kazakhstan, and The routes of the 'Silk Road' had many overlapping sections. As an important channel for inland trade, it can really be said to be the contemporary Silk Road.

Weinan, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shaanxi Province, was called Xiayu and Lianzhao in ancient times. It is located in the east of the Guanzhong Plain and in the east of Shaanxi Province. The terrain takes the Weihe River as the axis, forming five major geomorphological types of areas, namely the north and south mountains, the two plateaus, and the central plain. It belongs to the semi-warm temperate zone. Humid semi-arid monsoon climate. It is the traffic artery for the central and eastern regions to enter the northwest gateway.

The traffic police department said that every foggy day, the highway sections in our city will adopt different levels of Traffic Lights control, and the control level will be adjusted in time depending on the fog situation. The traffic police department reminded that when driving at high speed and encountering a cloud of fog, keep calm, don't panic, slow down, keep a sufficient safe distance from the vehicle in front, and turn on fog lights, low beams, position lights, front and rear Position lights and hazard warning flashing lights, while using road traffic lights and front and rear lights to guide the line of sight, avoid slamming on the brakes and slamming the direction.

This time, the newly added intelligent fog area induction system in the Weinan section of Lianhuo Expressway is a kind of safety Traffic Lights, which is mainly installed on both sides of the rainy and foggy expressway, with synchronous flashing and anti-rear collision warning functions. Multiple sets of induction devices and a control concentrator form a system, which cooperates with the weather detector to realize automatic switching of working modes, allowing the driver to detect the vehicle ahead in advance in low visibility weather and prevent rear-end collisions. Safety accidents are greatly reduced.