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3M Reflective Road Studs illuminate the roads of Chilean towns and cities, perfectly reflecting vehicle lights and illuminating the road ahead

On Chilean urban roads, a new safety initiative is gradually being promoted. It does not require electricity supply but can illuminate the road at night. It is 3M Reflective Road Studs. According to the latest data released by the Chilean transportation department, since these road spikes were widely used on urban roads, the incidence of nighttime traffic accidents has decreased by 40%, providing a safer travel environment for drivers and pedestrians.
The reason why 3M Reflective Road Studs can perform so well at night is due to its advanced reflective technology. These compact spikes use a special reflective coating and tiny glass beads to produce a strong reflective effect when illuminated by light. When headlights hit road studs at night, they act like illuminated beacons, reflecting light back to the driver's eyes, ensuring the road is clearly visible.

In Chilean cities and towns, 3M Reflective Road Studs can be installed in a variety of ways to adapt to different road types and traffic needs. The application scenarios of these reflective spikes are very wide, covering almost all critical areas on the road at night.
On main roads in towns and highways, 3M Reflective Road Studs are densely installed at the edges of lanes to provide drivers with continuous visual guidance. When drivers drive at night, the illumination of car lights will cause the road studs to reflect bright light, clearly outlining the boundaries of the lane and helping drivers maintain the correct driving trajectory. This is especially important in places with poor visibility such as curves and slopes, greatly reducing traffic accidents caused by lane deviation.

At intersections and intersections, the application of 3M Reflective Road Studs is even more critical. These areas are places with heavy traffic flow, where vehicles and pedestrians intersect, and are also high-incidence areas for traffic accidents. 3M Reflective Road Studs are installed on stop lines, zebra crossings and lane dividers, using strong reflective effects to remind drivers and pedestrians to pay attention to traffic conditions and ensure safe passage. When a vehicle approaches an intersection, the driver can clearly see the reflection of the road spikes, allowing him to make early decisions to slow down or stop.
In addition, it also plays an important role in areas with dense pedestrians such as crosswalks, bus stops, and school entrances. They are installed on sidewalk edges and zebra crossings to form a bright reflective strip to remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians. At the same time, pedestrians can also use the reflective effect of road studs to better identify road boundaries and ensure safe crossing.

In addition to the above application scenarios, it is also often used in the setting up of temporary transportation facilities. For example, during road construction, traffic accident response or special events, management departments will use reflective road spikes to mark temporary lanes, detours or safety areas to ensure orderly and safe traffic.
In general, the application of urban roads in Chile has penetrated into all aspects of night traffic. With their unique reflective properties, they provide clear visual guidance and safety for drivers and pedestrians, effectively reducing the incidence of nighttime traffic accidents. With the continuous advancement of technology and the popularization of applications, we have reason to believe that this innovative safety measure will play an important role in more places and contribute more to night driving safety.