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Traffic Yellow Flashing Lights Testing

The customer's customized synchronized yellow flashing light is testing before making the factory.
yellow solar flashing warning light
Throughout the year, there will be rain and fog, different weather in different areas, the visibility of fog is different, according to the visibility level, the fog is classified, visibility in 400m-600m for thin fog, 150m-400m for light fog, 50m-150m for large fog, etc.. 
For people driving on the highway, the most worried about the rain and fog weather, especially the fog, it comes with sudden, and predict difficult, the driver once into the fog area, it is difficult to see farther road conditions, extremely easy to rear-end accidents, fog is known as high-speed killer, in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, yellow flashing lights are produced and used to the highway.
Synchronous traffic yellow flashing light through the penetrating force of the yellow light warning vehicles slow, can make the fog situation, the vehicle is not affected by the visibility of high and low, inducing vehicles to drive safely, greatly reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents on the highway.
yellow solar flashing warning light