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Frequency Analysis of Grabbing Solar Traffic Lights at Road Intersections


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Road intersection countdown Solar Traffic Lights is a kind of intersection warning facility, which is a necessary device in the current traffic control Solar Traffic Lights system. The countdown display is to remind the time when the light color changes, which can help the driver at the intersection Solar Traffic Lights color change moment to make the right choice. However, various regions and researchers have different opinions on the application of countdown Solar Traffic Lights at intersections. The following is explained and analyzed by Sanojie Technology:

Scrambling the yellow light of Solar Traffic Lights refers to the behavior of motor vehicles not stopping according to the warning when encountering the yellow light at the intersection, but continuing to pass. The "Road Traffic Safety Law" stipulates that yellow lights indicate warnings, and stipulate that motor vehicles should slow down and pass when encountering intersections. Vehicles that have crossed the stop line when the yellow light is on can continue to pass, and vehicles that have not crossed the stop line should stop. The act of robbing the yellow light is a violation of road traffic signal lights, and the driver will be fined between 20 yuan and 200 yuan, and 6 points will be recorded.
There are mainly the following reasons for grabbing the yellow light of Solar Traffic Lights.

First, the vehicle following in front was a large vehicle. Since the line of sight was blocked, I just wanted to pass as soon as possible. Only when I reached the cross did I realize that I had robbed the light;
Second, approaching the intersection, do not slow down in advance, when you arrive at the intersection, you suddenly find that the yellow Solar Traffic Lights are flashing. For fear of causing injury to passengers, you dare not brake suddenly, so you have to bite the bullet and force through.
However, in the actual investigation, it was found that at the intersection of countdown lights, the behavior of grabbing lights increased greatly, which was just the opposite of the above reasons. Actual surveys show that most people have the behavior of grabbing lights, but most people occasionally happen through intermediaries, so in real life, it is necessary to strengthen publicity in this area, try to "prefer to stop for three minutes, do not grab a second", and reduce grabbing Solar Traffic The occurrence of the Lights behavior.

By comparing the frequency analysis of the behavior of grabbing lights with or without countdown, the results show that at intersections with countdown, the behavior of grabbing lights is significantly more than that without countdown, so the application of countdown will not only remind drivers, but also condone Some people speed up and cross the intersection when the green light of Solar Traffic Lights is about to end or when the yellow light is on, which directly causes traffic safety hazards. This point should be corrected by increasing management efforts and publicity and education to correct this bad driving behavior.