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Do you know what measures the Chilean government has taken to promote Solar Street Lights?

The Chilean government has taken a series of positive and effective measures to promote the application of green energy, improve the quality and efficiency of road lighting, and also contribute to sustainable development. The following are specific measures:
Subsidy policy:
1. The Chilean government has set up special funds to support the installation and use of Solar Street Lights. These funds are issued to eligible units or individuals in the form of subsidies to reduce their financial burden of installing Solar Street Lights.
2. The subsidy objects mainly cover urban road lighting departments and rural areas to ensure that Solar Street Lights can widely cover urban and rural roads.
3. The subsidy methods include direct financial subsidies and tax incentives, which aim to reduce the installation cost of Solar Street Lights and improve its economy and feasibility.

Formulate standards and specifications:
1. The government has formulated relevant technical standards and specifications to require and evaluate the technical performance, safety performance, etc. of Solar Street Lights. Only Solar Street Lights products that meet these standards and specifications can enjoy the government's subsidy policy.
2. These standards and specifications ensure the quality and reliability of Solar Street Lights and guarantee the safety and stability of road lighting.
Strengthen publicity and promotion:
1. The government actively promotes the advantages and characteristics of Solar Street Lights through traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers, and Internet platforms to improve the public's awareness and acceptance of it.
2. At the same time, the government also organizes the display and demonstration of Solar Street Lights products to allow the public to experience its effects firsthand and increase their willingness to buy.

Cooperation and R&D:
1. The government establishes cooperative relations with enterprises, scientific research institutions, etc. to jointly promote the research and development and application of Solar Street Lights. The government provides scientific research funds and technical support to encourage enterprises and scientific research institutions to increase their research and development efforts on Solar Street Lights and improve their technical level and market competitiveness.
2. Through cooperative research and development, continuously promote the innovation and development of Solar Street Lights technology to make it more adaptable to Chile's road lighting needs.

Quality supervision:
1. The government has established a complete quality supervision mechanism and technical standard system to conduct quality inspections and evaluations on Solar Street Lights products on the market.
2. Ensure the quality and reliability of Solar Street Lights through quality supervision, and ensure the safety and stability of road lighting.
Through the implementation of these measures, the Chilean government has achieved remarkable results in promoting Solar Street Lights. Solar Street Lights have been widely used in Chile's highways, urban roads and rural areas, which not only improves the quality and efficiency of road lighting, but also promotes the application and sustainable development of green energy.