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Traffic Light is "broken", forced to Traffic Light! Why hasn't the traffic police revoked the ticket?


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We often say that you can apply to the traffic police department to revoke the ticket in some cases of mistakenly running through the Traffic Light, such as running through the Traffic Light under the command of the traffic police in order to show courtesy to special vehicles, running a red light caused by a licensed vehicle, and running a red light caused by a Traffic Light failure.

But recently, some netizens mentioned to the master that he was obviously forced to run a red light, but the traffic police refused to revoke the ticket, expressing that he was wronged. After asking about the specific situation, I found out that this netizen was waiting for the green light at the intersection. Almost a minute later, the red light was still on, and there was no countdown. Thinking that the Traffic Light was broken, he drove away. Netizens said that if they were deducted 6 points like this, wouldn't it be unfair?

In the case of this netizen, it may be that he really ran a red light, because he just judged that Traffic Light is bad according to his subjective consciousness, but in fact it may not be, so the ticket cannot be revoked.
The master believes that it is not just this netizen who encountered the situation of waiting for too long at the red light and accidentally running the red light. Because some intersection signal lights have a period of more than 2 minutes, and some road sections have canceled the Traffic Light countdown. When there are no other cars around, you who are not familiar with the road conditions have no idea whether the Traffic Light is out of order.

So if Traffic Light really breaks down, how should we judge as drivers?
Generally speaking, all the lights of Traffic Light are off, three lights flash irregularly and quickly, and two or more lights are on at the same time. In these three situations, it can be concluded that Traffic Light is malfunctioning.