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How to better install solar road studs?

A good solar road studs in the use of the process should have three elements: resistance to pressure, sustained high brightness, solid installation, and most people focus on the first two points in the use of the process, while ignoring the problem of solar road studs installed, the result is a high rate of falling off in a short period of time. A firmly installed solar road studs to pay attention to the following points.

1. Seal the road in advance, everyone must wear reflective clothing, place the solar construction signs and solar warning lights and road cones

2. First of all, use a ruler to determine the installation location, 3m installation of a, (in accordance with the drawings installation) to ensure that the location of the longitudinal in a straight line, while the horizontal left and right alignment, installation distance and design requirements shall prevail, the installation of solar nails at the road to smooth and clean, so that the solar nail bottom surface can and ground surface contact area, adhesion force increased greatly.

 3 . The choice of glue (epoxy resin A, B), currently the main domestic use of asphalt glue and epoxy resin glue. The advantage of asphalt glue is short curing time, but there is a fatal disadvantage: in the summer, the surface temperature reaches 70-80 degrees, it will soften, the wheels a shock, either fall off, or the softened black asphalt glue stuck in the reflective sheet surface, affecting its reflective effect. So the installation of road pavement markers must be used epoxy resin adhesive.
4. and glue, epoxy resin, glue curing agent, cement in proportion to the mix is very sticky, especially in winter, it is difficult to move with manual and, at this time, we need to use the mixing gun will be fully and even three, in order to better play its curing role.

5. With the glue, the glue coated in the solar road stud, tight pressure solar cat eye. The amount must be reasonable, too little, the nail is not firm; too much, it is a waste of glue and easy to dirty the reflective sheet.

6. After the installation of the solar road studs, the road studs around the overflow of glue, scrape clean with a batch knife, and clean up the road.

7. Note: Do not touch the reflector with your hands to avoid the glue sticking to the reflector and affecting the reflective effect! Road surface with water, moisture, oil and dirt is prohibited to install road nails (easy to fall off). After 4 hours of installation in the evacuation of solar warning lights