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How to choose the size of road traffic sign?


  It mainly depends on the application scenarios,Different scenarios is suitable different sizes.The size of the sign generally depends on the speed of the vehicles traveling on this road.Vehicles on the highway travel fast, the size is larger than the general highway, the specific number of blow size engineering will give the corresponding requirements, the requirements of different countries will have some deviations, we can customize the production of all sizes of signs.

  The sign panel surface should be flat, and there are no obvious wrinkles, deresses, or deformation on the surface.Any surface with a sign of 50*50cm², no one or more air bubbles with a total area of greater than 10mm²,and not allowed reflection performance to be uneven.When the road traffic sign is installed on the bridge anti -collision wall, it should be made according to the side arc of the anti -collision wall.

  The information on the sign board shall be displayed in the form of special traffic lights, and the traffic information shall be as concise as possible, so that pedestrians can easily understand its location and other relevant traffic information. Relevant departments shall regularly clean and maintain the traffic signs , fully ensure the visibility of new traffic information on the traffic signs, and ensure that the traffic information on the signboards can be clearly seen.
Traffic sign board generally consists of sign base plate, sign surface, column, fastener and foundation. There is no fixed size.