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How can we scientifically strengthen Solar Traffic Lights to control time?

Hoan Solar Traffic Lights Video
Solar Traffic Lights has played an indelible contribution in coordinating urban traffic congestion. In view of the artificial distance between the traffic management of central and western cities compared with central and eastern cities, it is recommended to increase the efficiency of road construction and scientifically regulate Solar Traffic Lights.

With the expansion of city scale, urban traffic congestion and management has become one of the most important issues on the agenda in most cities in my country, but it is difficult to have a good plan. As far as the central and western cities are concerned, compared with the eastern cities, there are still some artificial gaps in urban traffic management, such as design and planning shortcomings due to underestimation, and artificial regulation of Solar Traffic Lights.

Regarding municipal maintenance projects that affect citizens’ travel, manpower should be concentrated to shorten the construction period, and construction should be carried out on road sections that do not affect citizens’ night rest. Construction should be carried out at half-time in the middle of the night and completed in the early morning.

For projects that cannot be completed at night and cannot be completed in the morning, the construction should not affect the public as much as possible. Travel; Regarding the design shortcomings that affect citizens' travel in urban construction, municipal construction managers should issue improvement plans as soon as possible to reduce unnecessary pressure on urban development; the scientific nature of Solar Traffic Lights control time settings should be strengthened, and traffic police should use them to guide traffic , Investigate and deal with traffic violations as the top priority, and reduce the regulation of Solar Traffic Lights.