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Detailed answers to the safety common sense of Solar Traffic Lights


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Solar Traffic Lights consists of red lights, green lights, and yellow lights. A red light means no access, a green light means permission to pass, and a yellow light means a warning.
Solar Traffic Lights are divided into: Solar Traffic Lights for Motor Vehicles, Solar Traffic Lights for Non-Motor Vehicles, Solar Traffic Lights for Pedestrian Crossings, Direction Indicators (Arrow Solar Traffic Lights), Solar Traffic Lights for Lanes, Solar Traffic Lights for Flash Warning, Road and Railway Plane Solar Traffic Lights at intersections.

The following is an explanation of the safety common sense of Solar Traffic Lights:
Relevant provisions of the "Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China": Safety common sense of Solar Traffic Lights.

Traffic lights are divided into: motor vehicle Solar Traffic Lights, non-motor vehicle signal lights, crosswalk signal lights, lane signal lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and railway level crossing signal lights.
Motor vehicle signal lights and non-motor vehicle signal lights indicate:
(1) When the traffic lights are green, vehicles are allowed to pass, but turning vehicles must not obstruct the passing of straight vehicles and pedestrians;
(2) When the yellow light of Solar Traffic Lights is on, vehicles that have crossed the stop line can continue to pass;
(3) Traffic lights When the red light is on, vehicles are prohibited from passing.

At intersections where non-motor vehicle signal lights and pedestrian crosswalk signal lights are not installed, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians should pass according to the motor vehicle signal Solar Traffic Lights. Safety common sense of traffic lights.
When the red light is on, vehicles turning right can pass without hindering the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.