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"Huge Traffic Light" debut, and these "artifacts" have you seen?


Solar Signal Lights Assembled Overnight - Hoan Video

Friends who often drive know that if you accidentally break the Traffic Light, not only will your driver’s license be deducted six points, but you will also need to pay a fine. , In the case of not seeing the change of Traffic Light, I accidentally entered the red Traffic Light by mistake.

Recently, a "new type of Traffic Light" took the lead in appearing on the streets of Kunshan. This Traffic Light is no longer just three lamp heads. When the signal light is on, the entire vertical bar and horizontal bar will light up in the same color. It can be said that there is no dead angle at 365 degrees, and you are no longer afraid of being blocked by the car in front~

According to Zhu Lijun, a policeman from the Yangtze River Squadron of the Traffic Police Brigade of Kunshan Public Security Bureau, the new Traffic Light is overall beautiful, atmospheric, and eye-catching. It not only responds quickly, but also has excellent water resistance. Its large light emitting angle and wide viewing range reduce the occurrence of Traffic Light being blocked.

The driver said that this Traffic Light will be particularly conspicuous at night, with a large vehicle blocking the front, you can see whether it is a red light or a green light from the side, which is very convenient. Thanks to the LED lights, the new Traffic Light is also clearly visible in rain, fog and at night.