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Do you know how Solar Street Lights’ smart control system works?

The intelligent control system of Solar Street Lights is the key to its efficient and stable operation. This system uses sophisticated algorithms and advanced sensors to ensure that Solar Street Lights automatically light up at night and adjust the brightness according to ambient light and traffic flow, thereby achieving the dual purposes of energy saving and safety.

The main operating procedures of the intelligent control system are as follows:
First, the system will detect the ambient light intensity in real time through a light sensor. When night falls and the light intensity drops to a preset threshold, the control system will automatically activate the street lights and wake them up from their dormant state. This process ensures that Solar Street Lights can turn on quickly when needed, providing sufficient lighting for night driving.
Next, the control system will sense the approach of the human body or vehicle based on the infrared sensing module and PMW control. When pedestrians or vehicles pass by, the control system detects thermal radiation or movement changes and increases the brightness of Solar Street Lights accordingly to provide better lighting effects. When pedestrians or vehicles leave, the brightness will gradually decrease to achieve energy saving.

In addition, the intelligent control system will automatically adjust the lighting range and brightness of Solar Street Lights based on traffic flow and vehicle speed. In heavy traffic sections, the brightness of street lights will be increased accordingly and the lighting range will be expanded to ensure driving safety. In sections with less traffic, the brightness and lighting range can be appropriately reduced to save power.
In addition to the above functions, the intelligent control system also has fault detection and alarm functions. When a street light fails or an abnormality occurs, the control system will issue an alarm in time and notify maintenance personnel to handle it. This greatly improves the reliability and maintenance efficiency of Solar Street Lights.

To sum up, Solar Street Lights' intelligent control system achieves efficient, energy-saving and safe nighttime lighting through multiple functions such as real-time monitoring of ambient light, sensing pedestrians and vehicles, adjusting brightness and lighting range, and fault detection. The application of this system not only improves highway driving safety, but also promotes the development of green energy and smart lighting technology.