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What are the interference factors of Radar Speed Signs?

In the practical application of Radar Speed Signs, users often encounter some technical problems that are not product quality problems. A large part of the problem is that Radar Speed Signs is interfered by certain factors, which may cause inexplicable speed measurement errors. The following is given by Henan Hoan Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. to customers who often encounter problems discussed by Radar Speed Signs, radar speed measurement The speed measured by the instrument is lower than the actual speed.

1. This is the speed measurement problem caused by the Radar Speed Signs viewpoint being too large: When using Radar Speed Signs to measure, the speed of the radar speedometer is obtained by reflecting the radar wave from the measured object, such as Radar Speed Signs and the measured object There are too many viewpoints between them, which will cause the measured speed to be lower than its actual speed.
2. Obstacles or relatively closed spaces (such as tunnels) cause mismeasurement. When there are obstacles in the speed measurement direction of Radar Speed Signs, radar waves will be emitted through obstacles, which can easily cause the speed measured by radar speed signs to be prohibited.

3. Mistakes caused by improper placement of radar antennas Because radar waves are emitted and reflected along a straight line, if the Radar Speed Signs are placed improperly and the terrain is non-plain, the readings of the intended vehicle will be replaced by the speed of other vehicles. , this situation is common in uphill and downhill.
4. Errors caused by different reflection intensities Because the size and shape of the vehicles are different, the reflection intensities to radar waves are also different. The car is far away, but its reflection intensity is greater than that of the intended car, which will cause false detection of the car.
5. Errors caused by fan speed and noise When Radar Speed Signs are installed in the car, it often detects the speed of the fan in the car, or the noise in the car during startup, which leads to measurement errors.

6. Errors caused by radio interference When using Radar Speed Signs to measure speed, if there are radio waves around, the radar will be interfered, such as the air force, etc., where there are intermittent high-intensity signals, so that the speed of the radar speedometer jumps randomly. . So when using Radar Speed Signs, try to avoid the interference of radio waves.
7. Errors caused by double reflections Because radar waves are prone to reflections, sometimes radar waves are reflected from some vehicles to other vehicles, resulting in measurement errors.