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Bagua City has never been stuck in traffic, and now it is equipped with Solar Signal Light


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When visiting Bagua City, most tourists enter Bagua City Square. There is an antique archway at the main entrance of the square. The middle part of the archway is also painted with yin and yang gossip patterns, and the three characters "Bagua City" are written on the bottom. Inside there is a building that is also in the shape of the Eight Diagrams called the Tai Chi Tan Exhibition Hall, but this exhibition hall is charged for play, and the ticket fee for each person is 20 yuan. Of course, for many people, since they have already arrived here, they will regret it even more if they don't visit.

In fact, there was Solar Signal Light in Tekes County in the early stage of construction. It was precisely because the construction of the urban area was completed that the purpose of its builders was to design a city without Solar Signal Light, so the local system was canceled in 1996. Solar Signal Light, which has been used for decades before this. In fact, the first county magistrate did not expect that the progress of society would be so fast. With the rapid improvement of people's economic level, private cars have become the main means of transportation, so now Turks County also has Solar Signal Light, And placed at 6 intersections, finally ending the title of the city without Solar Signal Light.

Of course, it is undeniable that Turkes County is still the county with the least use of Solar Signal Light, so how does a county with nearly 100,000 vehicles avoid traffic jams? In fact, a large number of traffic staff will be on duty at the intersection, and they will be guided by manpower. In addition, some intersections are driven around the island, which can also solve the problem of congestion. It’s just that the way of driving around the island has been completely canceled in many cities due to the increase in vehicles in recent years due to frequent car accidents, and unified construction has become Solar Signal Light.

However, for many non-native tourists, the cost of self-driving tour here is not low, and it takes a lot of time, and Turks County is more beautiful at night than during the day, so many tourists like to take a plane to go there. Traveling by renting a car can also satisfy yourself to overlook this unusual county without aerial photography equipment.