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Haoan Expressway Road Studs Induction Safe Driving Induction System

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Road Studs system composition and equipment performance:
The highway Road Studs induction warning device and networked control system are composed of a computer networking platform, a control concentrator, a visibility detector, and LED intelligent Road Studs lights.

Road Studs networked control system: adopts B/S architecture, communicates with the data concentrator through Ethernet and GPRS mobile network, supports multiple data concentrators (more than 1,000) online at the same time, and the data concentrator is online for a long time, timing (1 minutes) to report working status, receive data uploaded by the control concentrator, and display working status such as working mode, flashing frequency, and brightness. And you can set the Road Studs mode, Road Studs flashing frequency, brightness and other working parameters, and send them to the control concentrator.

Road Studs control concentrator: The Road Studs control concentrator is an on-site centralized manager that receives on-site visibility detector data, controls the flashing mode, brightness, warning length, fault information and other parameters of all fog lights on the road section, and realizes automatic switching of working modes. . Remote control of all Road Studs lights via Ethernet or GPRS mobile network connection to the control center.
Road Studs visibility detector: The Road Studs visibility detector provides measurement data related to meteorological visibility for the control concentrator. The Road Studs sensor is designed based on the principle of aerosol forward scattering and is a new generation developed after the transmission detector. Meteorological visibility monitoring equipment. It has an optical transmitter and a scattering receiver, has high-speed digital signal processing control components, and has a self-test function. It complies with the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation industry standard "Visibility Detector for Road Traffic Meteorological Environment" and can be widely used for continuous monitoring of visibility values under low visual distance conditions in highway traffic.

Road Studs induced fog lights: receive instructions from the control concentrator and combine with the vehicle trajectory detector in the lamp to control the brightness, flash frequency, color, and synchronous flashing of the LED Road Studs lights to keep the distance between vehicles and prevent rear-end collisions.