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Passing in violation of Traffic Lights on the road is punishable


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My country's comprehensive strength continues to improve, and people's living standards continue to improve. At present, the total number of motor vehicles in my country has exceeded 420 million. At the same time, traffic problems have become very serious. The most common is violation of traffic lights on the road. Lights killed 4,000 people, accounting for 1/10 of the total number of deaths in traffic accidents. In order to bring a good deterrent effect to offenders and increase the cost of breaking the law, the traffic department has issued the most stringent regulations in history, and the penalties for running red lights and yellow lights have been upgraded. ".

After the promulgation of the new traffic regulations, the penalty for running red Traffic Lights was changed from a fine of 200 yuan and a deduction of 3 points to a fine of 200 yuan and a deduction of 6 points. The penalty for running a yellow light is the same as that for running a red light.
Judgment of running through Traffic Lights: First, the electronic eye needs to capture three photos of the vehicle passing the stop line, the vehicle driving in the middle of the intersection, and the vehicle arriving at the opposite intersection.
Judgment of running the yellow light: When the yellow light is on, the vehicles that have already passed can continue to drive. If the vehicle that has not passed the stop line must stop before the stop line, otherwise it will be regarded as running the Traffic Lights yellow light.

It should be noted that when we inquired, it did not display "running a red light", but "passing in violation of Traffic Lights regulations", so don't think that there is no record of running a red light, it's just another way of saying that violations need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and no payment will be made after 15 days If the fine is cleared, there will be a late payment fee of 3% per day, which will also affect the annual review issue.

Of course, there are certain special circumstances that lead to the revocation of penalties for violating the traffic lights of the road:
(1) Giving way to police cars, ambulances and other special vehicles for emergency tasks and running red lights;
(2) Running through a red light according to the command of the traffic police;
(3) Running a red light due to a large vehicle in front blocking the line of sight;
(4) Running a red light due to a rear-end collision; bring the relevant documents (driver's license, driving license, ID card, etc.) to the traffic police brigade to revoke the administrative penalty.